Thursday, June 10, 2010

My 50th Post

OK. So I'm currently writing my 50th Post, and I don't really have any cool thing to fill it up with. *big sad face*

As you may have noticed dear reader, I have not posted in a bit. I thought that reading this today summed it up:

Sorry for lacking posting but I’ve been having sex with a llama.

Work continues to keep me on the road traveling to places significantly more often than I have had to in the past. Considering that travel, it causes a significant lack of WoW time. I have gotten a few random things done here and there when I have a moment or two, but they tend to be small things for the most part...Except!

I got FOR THE ALLIANCE! the other night on what has to be the easiest run of it that I ever have had the pleasure to work with on such an undertaking. As most people can attest, getting 40 or so monkeys together to follow the directions of 1 or 2 people is as likely as...well...beating the odds in Vegas. Maybe a bit more likely than Vegas, but not much.

Anyway, here you go. Proof I'm cooler than....well those of you who haven't done it yet.

As you can tell if you play the game, these are in no particular order. The order went: Warchief, Bloodhoof, Dark Lady, then the long trek up to Quel'Thalas. FOR THE ALLIANCE! As soon as we downed the Warchief with 0 deaths (other than the level 40 something we dragged along), I knew we had this in the bag. Thanks to Lilliana and that other guy (sorry forgot your name man) for leading us through it.

What else have I done lately, you ask? Well I finally got:

Since Flame Leviathan came up as a weekly again for about the millionth time.

Enough for now. See you in game....

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