About Me

OK, this is always a hard page for me to write, but a couple of people have made comments that it would be nice to know a bit more about me than what I put in the three line blurb that was for a long time housed on the side of my page.

This is me:

Scary, huh? My wife says this is my I'm about to do bad things to you" picture, but it happens to be the only picture that I have of me. For those of you who know me from Facebook, you might remember this as the only picture I have on my profile because I'm too lazy to get more.

Now that you've seen me, and you have continued reading without running away screaming (OK, maybe you did run away screaming, but you came back), that probably means you want to read something about me. Here goes:

I am a geek of no renown. Though it seems to permeate my very being, my son even was kind enough to tell me today that I was a geek. Funny that my six year old has already picked up on it.

As you might have noticed, I have mentioned already a wife and a son. So you can extrapolate that I have a family. If you made that jump of faith, you would be correct. I am blessed with having a great wife who puts up with my gamer mentality which has me falling prey to playing MMO's, video games on the computer, PS3, X360, and whatever other system I find. In addition she deals with me playing games with friends, and even lets some of them come in the house on occasion, but only after they bathe, and she confirms they do not stink. I'm also lucky because my wife enjoys games as well, just not to the same degree of competitiveness as I do.

Children? Yep, got those too. Three in fact, two boys and a girl. The boys bookend the girl, and seem to have my same enjoyment for games, though the little one doesn't care much for video games. I suspect that is in part because he has never really played them, being 6 and all. 

I do have a job, I work as a project manager currently for a big company in the financial world. Not much to say here. I work, they pay me.

Outside of work and World of Warcraft, as I said I enjoy gaming, but I also enjoy reading non-fiction of all types. I've also been known to scream loudly at the TV when NASCAR is on, or baseball, basketball, football (American kind), Soccer (Yes football for the rest of the world), Tennis, Golf, Curling, Skiing... You get the idea. I really believe it comes from my competitiveness and the fact that as a kid my father was a big sports nut that just happened to have rubbed off on me.

My fascination with WoW actually came after two or three failed attempts at getting into the game. I come to WoW from the Square Enix MMO Final Fantasy XI where I had some very good friends that slowly but surely dragged me into the play to pay genre. I joined a great roleplay linkshell that kept me very interested for a long time. I often miss the Lost Boys. I do know their general opinion about World of Warcraft and doubt seriously I would ever see any of the members migrate here with me.

My first couple of attempts at WoW were on the Malygos server (my home again), where I leveled a few different Alliance toons to around twenty, but never really got myself going enough to play seriously and wandered off to do other things, whatever was shiny at the moment or back to FFXI. Then on what had to be the third or fourth attempt at getting into the game I hooked up with a guy from work on the Horde side of Durotan server. He and his brother and another friend helped to push me over the leveling hump and into real interest in playing. When he and his brother left the game, our other friends wandered off, I again heard the call of my friends on Malygos, where I play today.