Friday, March 4, 2011

Call To Action: Bloggers Please Read

I do have another post that I am just about to post, but while reading blogs earlier today I ran across something that I think is a good idea and wanted to get out.

The link comes from MMO Melting Pot, a blog I've only been to a couple of times, but I found it in one of my click new blogs on the sides of people's blogs runs.  Some bloggers are trying to put together a map of bloggers. I think it is a pretty neat idea, and would love to see where in the world other people are writing. I think it is particularly interesting as I have noticed lately that the more I look at the data behind who its my blog, the more I notice that my blog seems to be read by an international audience. I like the idea that people in Germany, Poland, England, and Australia are reading me as well as the two to three dedicated readers here in the US.

Anyway, if you are a  WoW blogger...go...check it out. Join if you are interested.

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