Saturday, March 5, 2011

20 days of WoW blogging Day 01

So while trolling around other blogs I click here and I click there, usually looking at what other people are writing and saying. Often times I get to a point where I have no idea what path I took to get to the blog I am on now. The other night I was on one of these kicks. I was looking for information on my DPS as a DK, but then saw something that led me to something else that led me to a blog about Warlocks. I decided to look a bit more at it because I had been leveling a Warlock a bit and was curious what there was to be said about them.

That is how I found myself on Spellbound, a blog written by Saga who has been playing a very, long time (in my eyes at least). At first I was interested in the information posted about the Warlocks, but quickly became captivated by the different subjects that she hits on in her posting. I actually have even gone so far as to add her to my ongoing blogs to look at daily. I will link her in my side bar with this post so you too can enjoy her writing.

Why do you care about this? What got me writing about it? Well, it all comes down to this one post. About a month ago Saga posted a 20 Days of WoW blogging thread that has been picked up by a number of people. I like the idea and have decided to do it myself.

Without Further ado:

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

My name is Chris, and I play World of Warcraft on the Malygos server. Depending on who you talk to, my main would either be Michelinea, my Death Knight or Paci my Druid. I do not isolate myself to just two characters though, and am known by many names on many alts. For whatever reason, I find that I enjoy trying out and banging around on many of the different classes to see how they work, what they can do and what not.

As far as faction/race, I originally started WoW on the Alliance side, but didn’t stick. In fact I tried it two or three times before moving over to Horde and finding a home for a long time there as a Tauren. Only when friends moved on to other things and games did I come back to the Alliance where I make my home today.

Outside of WoW, I am a project manager by trade. If you watch American sports, you probably have seen commercials for my Company, but it isn’t for me to say. My main job is spent slowly herding all the cats that work on our software in the right direction. Not a bad job to have most days. When nothing goes wrong, I have a pretty boring job in fact. Sadly, that isn’t really my lot in life. Things go bump in the night all to often.

I also am a father and a husband. I am extremely lucky having my family put up with all of the crap that goes along with being a slightly middle aged gamer with entirely to many issues for his own good. My wife is an amazing cook and baker who has the goal to make as many great tasting things as she can to help fatten me up.

My wife  and I love to watch movies together. While we both love horror movies, we are also known to watch action, drama, many different foreign movies as well as the occasional comedy. Also, we’ve been known to lose whole weekends to television shows like the Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Red Dwarf, or Fawlty Towers.

We have 3 children, 2 teenagers and a little guy. The teens are both pretty typical kids, loud, boisterous and generally insane. Our middle child, a girl is especially good at making me furious and insane at the drop of a hat. I have never been as mad as I have with her. At the same time, she is amazing at making me smile at the oddest times. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. The youngest is a lot like his mother, cute, entirely too smart, and quirky. It is amazing to see where his mind wanders, which is really anywhere and everywhere.

Ok, I think that’s enough of an introduction. Day 01 down

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