Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 days of WoW blogging Day 02

Why did I decide to blog?

This for me is a very interesting question. Why did I start to blog? I have long professed that I am not a writer. In fact, some of you readers may agree with that statement. I have no training as a writer, I have spent very little of my time writing anything at all other than the required papers, documents, letters, emails and the like that any person is forced to write as a part of living.

I decided to begin WoW, Am I Lost not long after I left my last MMO Final Fantasy XI. I am very good friends with person who played FFXI with me, and we spend many an occasion having long and deep conversations about the game, its mechanics, lore, economy, other players, events, what have you. When I eventually got to the point in FFXI that it was no longer fun, and was more a chore to do than anything else I talked to him at length about hanging it up.

In the end, while I did hang it up from a FFXI standpoint, I found that I really couldn't or didn't want to hang it up from an MMO standpoint. I had some other friends who played WoW, so decided to try there again. I had tried a couple times in the past, but not found the right combination of game and people to get me clicked in WoW over other MMOs. This time I did. I joined a guild that my friends were in, got into some friendly competition over over leveling with another person who played with me, and found a home. In vain I attempted to convert my FFXI friend to WoW but couldn't do it. Too many disparaging remarks had been made about WoW, mechanics, graphics, and player base. I had found none of them to be true in the long run, but he was not so easily swayed.

So I found myself playing a game with a great group of people all around the country, but none close enough to talk to that had an inclination to talk about the game and their thoughts about playing. I looked around at the people I knew and was with on a daily basis. There just wasn't the interest in the game that I had, co-workers, friends, my wife, all sort of looked at me askance when I began to pontificate on a zone, the mechanics of fishing, or how there is a cost to gathering that some people who play the auction house just do not seem to understand.

After a while I got tired of the funny looks and out right running away when I began to talk about WoW so I stopped voicing my thoughts. But they continued to bubble inside. I even found myself having conversations in my head when driving home from work about some of these very topics. I knew I had to do something or I was going to start talking in my sleep about WoW which probably would frighten my wife into leaving me once and for all.

Then one day I was searching for information on something and I came across a blog. I don't remember who's it was, but as I read it I thought to myself, "What a great idea! I can write a blog that will let me get my thoughts out without being put in a loony bin." And so WoW, Am I Lost? was born. Actually, the original name was WoW I am Lost, but when a friend created my banner, he changed the name and I liked it better than what I had come up with so it stuck. The rest is history.


  1. Hey, it took you a while but I finally started banging around in WoW.

  2. Yep, and now you too have been sucked into its WoWie goodness.