Friday, March 11, 2011

If only everything could be so easily dispelled

I knew it. I just knew it. I was burnt out. I had been going through the motions for a while and not really enjoying anything that I was doing the way I used to when it came down to it. First it was the end of Wrath, and no one was really interested in doing anything. Then Cataclysm came out and I was rejuvenated for a bit, but the drama of the guild I had joined got in the way of any real enjoyment. I was left tired, frustrated, doing the things I had always done without any real enjoyment.

Log on, do the cooking/fishing daily; struggle through a dungeon or two. Talk to a couple of guild mates or a friend or two. I never really did anything new or different. Sure, once in a while I’d hop on one alt or another and bang through a level or two, but that really isn’t much fun when you are doing it by yourself. I can’t say it was work, since work is well….work.

Along comes a friend of mine and mentions that he might be interested in giving WoW another try. He’s played before at least once that I know of, but was turned off back before Blizzard did a lot of the updates to the leveling experience. I didn’t really think he was serious about it because I had pushed him a couple of times to load it up and play, but he never did for a number of reasons.

Out of the blue the other day I get an email from him saying “…do you have any advice for a WoW Noob?” DO I EVER! After going through the basics of what server are you on, what race/character did you create, I created one in the same starting area on the same server so we could bang around together. I was able to provide a few pointers to get started and then we just started to quest together. It was fun, lots of fun.

We started out as Dwarves, he a Hunter, and I started a Paladin since I had never really played one. It took a little bit to catch up to him as far as level goes in those early days it is extremely easy to catch up. And off we went, creating havoc for all of the troggs that normally live their quiet lives until some new WoW player destroys their lives and livelihood.

It didn’t take long to start enjoying WoW again, not only playing with my friend, but also on my old main characters. It is nice to see that WoW is still fresh enough for me that can dispel burn out with merely an occasional change of scenery.

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