Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gold Capped. I wish - Update

So, in my first post on Gold Capped, I had said I was going to do updates periodically to show where I stand. Here is my first in these updates.

So, It has not been very successful to start. My purple lotus didn't sell. I have re-listed it a couple times at lower prices keeping in mind how much it cost me so I can at least get my money back. I will be doing another check tonight, but I'm not really positive that I am going to see it sold.

I am actually going to infuse my "goldcapping" character with some money I've made on an alt. I have been pretty consistently using Auctioneer to build my database of what sells and for how much on the server, though of late I have been less than perfect of doing it twice a day as I had originally planned. I am going to take a shot at a few things that I have been watching and well let people know how it goes over the next week or so. maybe I will be able to show I have turned my 1g 1s into some actual gold.

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