Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Guild Alliance to Complete ICC.

So, I’ve been a member of Soulbound on Malygos for a while now. And if you are a reader of my blog, you probably have noticed that it hasn’t always been the best of trips for me. It started out rocky, and on occasion I have had disagreements with the way things are done. In general though, nothing has ever happened that made me so frustrated that I decided it was time to go. Still hasn’t really, though things seem to be taking a bit of a rough turn. I actually have started playing on a different server most of my time because of this, though I really don’t feel it’s my home. I know I’ll go back to Paci and Michelinea, just not necessarily today.

Now, for a while SB like just about every other guild out there that I have heard of or read about has had some trouble filling their 25 man ICC runs. I have to say I completely understand it. There are many days lately where I know its raiding night but I just don’t want to do it. Dying over and over to Sindragosa just is not fun to me anymore. At this point I feel like I’ve been there, done that, and don’t want to do it anymore. Most weeks, I will raid once or twice out of the three scheduled nights as long as I’m not working. Usually it is a matter of I log on at the appropriate time, get invited to the raid, and wait until 15 minutes after the start time before it is called so we can go do something else. Clearly, this is not what many of our harder core members want.

As an attempt to get things moving again, early last week a post went up on our boards that started a bit of a stir. Another guild posted asking if we were still raiding 25s and did we have trouble filling them. Someone answered yes to both questions, which then caused a post to go up on the member forums asking whether the guild officers were thinking about a guild alliance to get through to the end of content. The answer was yes it was being discussed, but currently was in the very earliest stages.

Tuesday rolls around and I log into guild about a half hour before the first pull time for raid and got invited into raid. As has become the pattern, we were about five or six people short of filling the raid. Suddenly around the first pull time, someone mentioned that we were looking at adding the other alliance people to fill the raid. Being the somewhat patient person that I am not, I decided to hang around and see what happened. So after about forty-five minutes of negotiations, several members of the other guild joined our raid, and we went off into ICC, with a fresh run. It went very well! We did significantly more in less time than we had a history of doing in the past when we filled the raid. In general, just about everyone was on their game and things were going well. In fact when we called it, several people stayed around to do the weekly. Something I had not seen done in a long time.

This assuaged some of the fears that I had about this idea of a guild alliance. The other time I had seen it happen, it completely ripped the guild apart. If only the story remains so good.

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