Monday, February 7, 2011

Pit Lord Argaloth....Dead

Ok, if you were a member of my guild the other night, and online about 9PM EST, you would have seen ten of us very, very ecstatic. There was much jubilation over our downing of the Tol Barad Raid boss. Now, we have beaten him before but this is the first time that we have one shot him. The other two occasions that I have the pleasure of facing off against this guy ended up in 2-3 wipes before actually beating him down before his enrage counter ticked down. I never realized how fast 5 minutes was until I was racing against a clock.

This guy has 2 sets of phases. The way we did it was pretty simple, we broke the group up into two groups with tank, heals, and DPS in each. We line up on the left and right side of him and the tanks taunt back and forth between him while the DPS go to town doing as much damage as they possibly can. The healers are kept busy with the big bursts of damage he does as well as something that needs to be dispelled quickly other wise bad junk happens.

At 75% fel fire gets cast all over the place. I lovingly call this the chicken with no head phase. During this phase everyone needs to run around the room and avoid the fel fire trails that are being created behind you as you run. In general, I try to run out to the edge of the room and around the back corner, timing myself to get back in place just as the fire ends. If you are ranged during this phase and have cast on the run spells, we try to use them, but other than that it is mostly a bunch of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Then, rinse and repeat occurs. Taunt back and forth while DPS do as much damage as possible until 25% when the second fel fire phase occurs. Again nothing different to this part.

We do all of this while trying ot ensure that we are complete and done before the 5 minute enrage timer ticks down.

Over all, I would consider this one of the easier raid bosses that I have done, but fun none the less. It drops the same sort of stuff as Vault of Archenon did, so PVP stuff and some tier gear. In general though I do it for the practice of raiding.

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