Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blogger Guild

So, if you read WoW blogs, you probably have heard about . I won't go into the details, if you are interested in it, you can find it either here: Tamarind or here: Miss Medicina.

Anyway, last night after logging onto my normal server to find that there is no raiding spots available I went over to AD and Michelenea was born. Mich is a Draenei Shaman after Kattastrophe who totally turned me on to the idea of being a cool wolfy shaman. I entered the chat channel and said "hello?" Next thing I know I'm receive a guild invite.

I wasn't on long, as I promised to watch Boondock Saints with the wife, but I did notice that the group is clearly a talkative and happy group. That is something I have missed in my current guilds. I will definitely be back again, probably today for a while when I have some time to play.


  1. Welcome to SAN!

    Shaman wolfiness, heh? Totem quests.....bleh.
    Hope to see you more often!

  2. I am there on and off even today. SAN has definitely helped me get a new look on my main server/character, which I needed.

    P.S. Sorry about the slow response to comments, I ran into more technical issues on posting comments on my own blog.