Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And with Cataclysm New Interest is Piqued

So, I sort of petered out for a while there before Cataclysm was released. I still logged on to play, but mostly just farted around. Nothing particularly interesting done, no great conquests, no wins to speak of.

Let's see in no particular, I created a gnome priest to play with, tried out the horde side again, randomly leveled alt toons no one knows about, fooled with ICC, taking a completely unprepared Paci in to heal, and got her 11 of 12 and even saw the LK before he smooshed us like pancakes a few times. Oh, and I found a new guild. To be fair, I didn't find a new guild, it found me. A friend of mine suggested that I try out the guild he was in one day when I was complaining to him about my guild. I got an alt accepted on a whim, and never went back. In fact, I recently brought Michelinea in, though she has taken a back seat as an alt instead of main.

So, for now Paci is my main, healing primarily with a side of boomkin when damage is needed or I am questing. She's 85, and already has an ilevel of 332. I have spent some time in instances, but not a whole lot. I will put together some of my experiences in a future post, though I don't really want to go down the failpug road that I have seen and ranted on in the past. We'll see what comes of it...

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