Friday, January 15, 2010

And so it begins....

I was talking to someone about my time playing WoW the other day, and they said I really should think about writing about it. I'm not sure how it'll go, I've never really tried to seriously blog on an issue. I guess I'll see how it goes.

Now, a little about me and WoW. I've been playing pretty seriously about a year now, maybe a bit less. Prior to that I started and stopped playing a couple of times when friends asked me to play. The reasons I quit are many and varied, but mostly I got lonely. Funny when you think about it there are 11.5 million people in a game and I got lonely, but it's true. I am not the most outgoing person online I guess. I even run into that today, even though I've been playing a good bit now.

I started out as a Horde character, I played a priest first until I realized how hardcore it sucked to level in those early levels for a new player. Someday I do plan on going back and leveling a Priest, if for no other reason than to do it. I will not be beat! RAWR!!!!

After about 20 levels of dying like a chump as a priest, I decided to try Hunter. Holy Difference Batman, it was so much easier to level. I went from level 1 to 55 in just about the same time it took me to get to 20 as a Priest. At level 55, my friends talked me into becoming a DK. OK, I say they talked me into it. Someone suggested it, and I jumped at it. I do that a lot you will find if I write for a while, and you read them.

Well I took DK from 55-80, and leveled as fast as I could from 55-80 so that my friends who were already 80 could play with me. I did most of that leveling during the time where Alterac Valley was a goldmine of XP. It was fun, and fast. I got to 80, got into a guild (that's died now), and tried my hand at raiding a bit. LOVE IT!

Well, my friends that got me to stay left the game for other MMOs that included more PvP, and I decided to stay. I hooked up with a couple of other friends on another server, started leveling another Death Knight, and did that until I got frustrated at leveling again and moved my original level 80 to the new server, and changed from Horde to Alliance. Which brings me to where I am now....

I am in a raiding guild, though I haven't figured out how to get myself to be listed as a "Raider" so I can actually raid. Therefore, most of my time now is filled doing Heroics, daily quests, and whatever random stuff I see that looks fun.

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