Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh the confusion of tanking!

So, last night I was bored, and didn't really feel like doing anything with Mich so I decided to pull out my Paladin and play around with him a bit. While reading Wow in an Hour (see the side bar for the site), I found an add on called Tour Guide. It looked interesting to me, so I decided to try it out.

At first I was doing a quests only, until I remembered that I could LFG. What the heck I said and added myself to the queue. Three seconds later, I have the pop up telling me that there was a group in need of a tank. It was one that had started. Perfect I thought, this group had already gone through some of it, so clearly they knew what they were doing and would work with me a bit. Poof. I zone into ShadowFang Keep. Good I think, I've done this one before with  friends when I was playing the Horde side. I introduce myself, and start running toward them. As I work my way over to them, being careful not to aggro anything, I watch as the rest of the group wipes. Huh, wonder what happened. No one says, so I keep going, and wait for the group at the point where I think it was just before they died.

Well the group re-gathers, and away we begin. The first pull goes well after I remember that I have Consecration, and the second pull too. OK, I'm remembering what I'm supposed to do. It works. Woot! Then the priest says she needs to rest for Mana. Cool. No problem. I sit down and get out my Iced Milk so I can get myself to full mana too. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt, apparently the Hunter decides that he can pull and tank on his own while the rest of the part is waiting. Um. No. Hunter tank = party wipe. Not only did he not tell us that he was going to do this, he aggroed half the zone on his way back to us, thinking we might help him.

Since that didn't work, we re-gathered again, and rested up to full. While resting, I said the famous phrase that every DPS hates to hear, "You pull it, you tank it". I hoped that people would understand that I can't do it all on my own. Another 2-3 pulls  go well, and it's time for the priest to rest again. No problem at all, I'm ready to rest myself. So we began to rest. Yep, you guessed it, the Hunter didn't get it last time and went off on his own. Again he aggroed a bunch of trash, and we ended up dead. At this point 1 DPS leaves, and the priest and I zone back to the cemetery to regroup.

I get back from the splash screen to see in chat that the hunter ranting that the healer and tank in this group blow. What? Huh? Wait a god darned minute here! If you don't go off on your own, you don't get us all killed. Well that was enough for the priest. He's outta here, and leaves group. 

Being calm and patient, I say OK, I'll suck it up. I know if I leave, the DPS may have a long wait for a new tank and healer. That sucks, being a DPS most days I know. I start running to the keep again. Then the thing happens that pushes me over the edge on the group. The hunter says "Ihasz, get back in here and rez me." What? You can run back like the rest of us, and I tell him that. He proceeds to tell me to go F myself, he'll out wait me. Umm idiot. I have this one thing that he doesn't. The "Leave Group" Option. Which is exactly what I do.

Thirty second later, I'm in a new group, in  the Keep, plowing through the instance. Moral of the story today? DPS, be nice, I'm not better than you, nor am I worse than you. I'm just there like you to have fun, and just like you wouldn't have fun if you are dying and being bossed around I'm not having fun when that happens. Oh, and by the way, it's a thirty second wait for a tank to get into a group, its what ten minutes for a DPS.


  1. Here Here well said and good for you for not jumping ship right away.

  2. I've spent entirely too much time as a DPS waiting after the tank or healer ditches the heroic I'm in to drop at the first sign of bad times. It just isn't fair to everyone else.