Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why are you a girl?

So, someone asked me why my character is a girl. There could be a lot of reasons why I chose the female model instead of the male one. Let’s see: Practical: Female models are smaller, and I have a small monitor so it won’t block too much of the play area. Psychological: I believe deep down inside that I’m a woman, and am trying to get in touch with that female side. Pathetic: They just look hotter (OK, I feel dirty trying to justify that last statement to myself). Sadly it is none of those things; I am much more pathetic than even thinking the female models are hot.

It actually is a funny story. It dates back to a long time ago when I was new to playing WoW. For those of you have ever created the game on World of Warcraft, you might remember that there is a "randomize all" button in the interface. Also, you will notice the little circle with a + under it and the circle with the diagonal arrow coming off of it.

Initially, I went through the effort of making my character "Tyzach" and even messed around with the different things I could do as far as looks go. Deciding I didn't really care that much since they all looked kind of the same to me, I got the bright idea to "randomize all". Well, it definitely randomized everything, and I thought it changed my sex. I saw that the Circle with the diagonal arrow was clicked. For some reason that is beyond me, I decided that this means female, and hit the circle with the + under it. OK, yes for a moment there I became an idiot. I made my character a female. Poof out I come into the world and standing in front of me is my friend who talked me into this iteration of playing WoW. His comment to me over Ventrilo? "Dude, you're a girl."

Two things sped through my mind. Admit I'm a moron, or try to play it off cool. Be cool. Yeah, that's it. So why'd I do it? OH! Yes! Because the models are better....Yeah, that's the ticket, Yeah! So I relay this to utter silence. Then, someone else on Vent who I didn't know pipes in telling me I'm full of crap, and everyone starts to laugh. Good Job, I think to myself, two minutes into the game and already I've made a fool of myself. Usually it takes me at least 5. When the hilarity subsides, someone else on Vent says, since you screwed up once, you might as well carry it forward. Every one of your characters should be a girl. And so they are.

In fact, Mich is a transfer from that original server, she was originally Tyzacha the death knight, along with her big sister Tyzach the hunter, and her little sister Tyzachb the priest. There would have been Tyzachc, d, e etc. if I hadn't given up that very lame idea long ago. Now I am more creative with my names even though I have never left the idea of only female WoW characters.

Oh, and for the record, Randomize All does not change your sex.


  1. that is the funniest thing i ever read...always wondered why guys made female toons...guess i know now...not laughting at you i'm laughing with you :P

  2. You can laugh at me, I deserve it.

    As for guys making female toons, I had a friand who did it all the time, his reason? "If I'm going to spend a lot of time looking at the back of something, I want it to be something I'll like to look at."