Friday, February 5, 2010

All Good at the end...

So, last night ended up being more enjoyable than it started by a long shot. Getting Caralee and Jisao into heroics to help Alydar and myself was a stroke of pure luck. There is nothing like discussing whether or not an asshat is a tiny top hat that you put on your bum, or how Jisao likes it when boss mobs give him oral sex. Don’t ask me, I don’t know how he knows either. I think the best part is the reminder that Alydar and I don’t totally suck, because I was starting to feel that way.

The night started out rough, with Alydar and me queuing into the LFD for some heroics. First one we get Pit of Saron, in my opinion the hardest Heroic out there. In my mind, PoS is truly a POS. In fact it is worst than a POS, it’s a whole shit sandwich forced down your throat while you are held down by four big burly guys who want to shove other things in your mouth when you are done with your sandwich. Get a visual yet? Good.

So we start clearing our way to the first boss with no major problem other than me forgetting that Aly is still new so I can’t open up right away until he establishes the hate. Then we come to the first boss, the guy that throws the rocks? Well yeah. We got our asses handed to us. The craziest thing I’ve ever seen happened, the rock that you are supposed to hide behind when he goes crazy disappeared right at the beginning of the hide your pansy ass phase. Result? Dead Party, Laughing Boss.

Ok, we zone back in to do it again. Same result, though this time the rock was there, we just died. At this point the finger pointing began. While there was no one who was awesome, it seemed that someone decided that Aly couldn’t tank this. No reason, just decided and dropped after telling us so. This leads to mass exodus with Aly and I sitting in PoS wondering WTF…

Next we go to Hall of Stone. OK, another sucktastic Heroic. We were just on a roll last night. It went well and we got through the first boss easy as pie. We drop down and head out to the hall to begin moving forward again. The healer walks out into the middle of the hallway and starts drinking. Well all the mobs turn, see her and think “MMMmmmm Fresh Meat!” and proceed to start gnawing on her face. Being the gallant Death Knight that I am, I jump out and Taunt, Death Grip, DnD them all onto me good and hard because Aly was drinking to fill Mana. Here I made my fatal mistake. I assumed the healer would, you know. Heal me. WRONG! She proceeds to start bitching out Aly while I die, then she dies, then Aly…well you get the idea. End of it all, She drops party, and then her buddy DPS drops party leaving Aly, Me, and a rogue in greens trying to decide what to do next. Instead of queuing to fill the party we drop party and start again.

Culling of Stratholme. Finally! Something I can get behind, and we proceed to beat it to submission with minimal issue other than some carping from the way over-geared super uber cool healer. About half way through Cara came on and I got talking to her, and she threatened to withhold sex from Jisao if he didn’t come help us too.

Not to say that the heroics were perfect from here on out, but it didn’t feel like work. Also, I know I felt better going through with friends who could provide good offering of advice to me as well as Aly.

Note to self: Grip the casters in BEFORE Jisao charges. He gets crabby otherwise.

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