Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update Leveling Via LFG Only

Just a quick update on my self appointed task of leveling via LFG entirely. I made level 46 last night. Things have definitely slowed down considerably as I have gone along. It is still completely viable  in my opinion, it just runs slower that planned as I get higher in level.

My thought is that it may be a better method to begin to intersperse quests in between my instances, but to this point I have spent my time leveling up Leatherworking, Cooking, and First Aid. For Paci's second skill I chose Skinning, so I can often also be found in the newbie areas around Darnassus killing low level bears and skinning them to build up the leather I need for my higher level synths.

Once Paci gets to 80, I may actually begin this process again with another one of my alts and this time add the questing in the down time to see if it speeds my way through.

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