Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who Makes out from the LFD...

So I was listening to a WoW podcast this afternoon at work and I came across a question that intrigued me. One of the caster's asked does the new LFD system help to train a new group of Tanks, Healers, and DPS become better skilled for raids before they reach level 80.

Now, officially I know the casters talked about their opinions a while, but I haven't a clue what they said because I got a phone call and it threw me off but the question stuck with me. Driving home I had time to ruminate on the subject some more, and I decided the answer is sort of, and it depends on job.

Tanks, probably get the best deal of training for their future lives. They get the opportunity to learn all of their skills as they come up so are not overwhelmed early. They get to practice with all kinds of different play styles from the excellent to the oxygen thief. They learn threat management, how to keep an eye on the mana bars of the folks, how to keep an eye on the mobs around the dungeon, etc.

Healers come in next in the training for their future lives. They too learn their skills as they come along. They also get to practice with lots of different play styles. The place where they fall down is they don't get to practice stay away from random stupid. They don't have to deal with avoiding the bad color (tm) on the floor, the boss eating your face because his aggro resets, and dealing with the DPS who tells you how to heal even though they have never healed a single person in their WoW life.

DPS really don't get much for their future lives. No practice dealing with the dumb color on the floor. No worrying about getting hate since the decision is if you get hate, it can't be your fault. If you die it's not your fault. Essentially, DPS are screwed when they reach 80, they get none of the advantages of the players above. I guess maybe their 15 minute wait times for LFD is punishment for the fact that they don't get the benefits of training that the quicker LFD members get.

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