Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of Guild life.

Considering a week break from writing I have a good bit to talk about. I think I may end up breaking this into a few different posts, because I did a lot and got to thinking a lot.

First, the whole idea with trying to get something going with Atlantis died. I decided to try talking to some of the people in the guild before I posted anything. So randomly, I talked to what ever guild members happened to log in. First, there were a grand total of 5 people who logged in when I was on. And I'm pretty sure that 1 of them logged in on 2 different alt toons. Second, of those 5 people 3 said they were not really able to commit, 1 didn't respond, and 1 thought it was a good idea.

With sterling results like that, I know its pretty much a dead end chance for me to get anything going with this guild right now. I talked a bit to Alydar the other night about Atlantis and where it stood. He asked some about Soulbound, so I think he's kind of lonely there too. I actually have been playing Mich a lot again, but I'll talk more about that in a later post.

OK, personal gut feel, Atlantis is going to die. I have 3 options left to me.

1. I can leave Atlantis for greener grasses that are elsewhere. I don't know how to find that, I sort of fell into Atlantis (blind invite), and I don't think people are going to really want Paci anyway. Not only that though, I happen to really like Alydar, I don't want to lose that friendship that is building up. I suppose the friendship will continue to grow regardless, but there is a part of me that feels like I'd be a deserter if I left Atlantis.

2. I could try to build up Atlantis. I have built guilds before, I know how it is done, and technically every person as a part of Atlantis can add new members, though we can't change what they are ranked as initially. That requires a real officer. I could still do it, but what if I go through the trouble, build up a thriving guild and the real management comes back out of the woodworks and decides they aren't happy with what I've done. All that effort for essentially no gain, and maybe a lot of hurt.

3. I could do nothing, let it die when the time comes and decide what to do there. Ah the greatness of apathy. I love it.

OH! 4 I could create my own guild. Maybe figure out how to drag Alydar over, and start to build it up myself.

Lots of work, but it could be fun. Then I too could give myself loads of headaches and I too can be one of those guild leaders that I am always bitching about. That could be fun. Can you say sarcasm? I bet you can...

Oh yes, there is also Soulbound, I don't know what to say there. I am playing Mich more, and when people are asking for things I am saying memememememe. And even getting invited a bit here. Did a late night Heroic the other night, and yesterday I tanked the Valentine's day boss for a few folks. Little things I know, but better than nothing, right? I figure if people see me around and doing things, maybe I'll get asked to more.


  1. ugh sorry to hear about your guild troubles that's tough. The work involved in starting a guild is crazy but if you're up to it I sure wish you luck. Have you considered server transfering, check the wow guild forums perhaps you'll find what you're looking for. You never know :D

  2. I actually Server transferred and moved horde to alliance right about the beginning of this year. I went back to an old server where I started and had a few friends already from a server where all of my friends had left.