Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Major Milestone

So last night, even with multiple cruddy parties I got:

One thing that does not make sense to me, but I am seeing more and more is people wanting to haul ass all the way to the end of the instance while leveling. Why? We are there to get XP. If I fly through to the end skipping bosses, avoiding fights and running to the end, you are not really maximizing your end goal of getting the XP. I feel like some tanks are trying to get me naked in bed without so much as a dinner and drinks. How about slowing down a bit and smelling the blood and gore your blade and watching all the XP pile up instead of seeing if you can get to the end in less time than you did it last time.

Also, I have learned a something new along the way. Lots of those old instances suck. They are cool the first time through, but after a while they get really annoying. Perfect example being Sunken Temple.

So, yes, I've completed it, even done the optional boss in the basement  once though I couldn't get anyone to do it after that run because "it takes too long". Rather simply there are some cool things about this, but come on, doesn't it feel like its long and drawn out for no reason other than to annoy players. Kind of like BFD. Though I haven't even gotten to the end of that one successfully.


  1. Grats on 50 and Sunken Temple!
    I vividly recall my first ever visit to ST (on hunter). My tour guide walked us through the progression (the mini-bosses, the statues, the wing unlocks) and we even killed the dragon where you need the egg 'cause someone had the egg... It was an amazing, and amazingly long, experience. (4 hours!)
    With the big focus in instances lately on setting speed records, I can only imagine that ST is barely being scratched by PuGs, which is a shame.

    Thanks for the comment (which led me here). Looking forward to reading more entries!

  2. Well, in the time it's taken me to get through my technical difficulties with commenting on my own blog Paci is on to 66 and healing her way through the Outland Instances. Now those are interesting to say the least. I really like them.

    Hope to see you around lurking here and there. I still read your blog fairly often even if I don't comment much. I really enjoyed your Frost vs. Frost post. Very informative to me since I still kick around the idea of someday tanking on my DK

    P.S. Sorry about the slow response to comments, I ran into more technical issues on posting comments on my own blog.