Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, Why Blog

Note: This has been written in several versions over the last few days, so if it's disjointed, oh well.

OK, last week I joined a group for WoW bloggers at the suggestion of another blogger that  I happen to read. I thought it would help give me ideas to write about, and just help me feel better about the product I am putting out.

It didn't.

In fact, it made me feel worse. I read all these testimonials about how people started blogging and poof immediate readership. Poof, people were coming out of the woodwork to comment. Poof, wild women throwing themselves at the blogger's feet (OK, no one said that, but you get the idea).

That got me to thinking. My blog here doesn't seem to have a real focus or direction. I tend to pratter on about whatever comes to mind, making me just one more of the nameless unwashed masses of bloggers out there. Nothing makes me different. I'm a slightly boring, middle aged man playing a video game, and writing about it.

The more I thought on it, the more depressed I got. Then, this morning as I seriously thought about writing my goodbye post I remembered something. When I started this whole blog thing I did it for me. I wanted somewhere to write down my opinions, my thoughts, my suggestions, my ideas. I didn't write this for the fortune and fame it would bring me. Sheesh!

So you know what, I found my voice, I found the direction of my blog! WoW I am lost is a blog about World of Warcraft from a slightly boring, middle aged  gamer.

More later...


  1. I'm guessing the blogger you are referring to is me - sorry that wasn't my intention. I've found the WoW blogging community to be friendly and supportive of people - particularly the new bloggers. And I like having a bunch of people (that is from all round th globe) that I can share my thoughts/rants/etc that might find them interesting - none of my friends play and my wife is sick of hearing about it!

    However I write for myself as well. I started writing for the following reasons:
    1. I really enjoy writing but have done very little writing in recent years (largely playing WoW got in the way of it).
    2. I started writing my blog as a mechanism for dealing with my change in the way I was playing WoW (going from lots of play time to limited play time). - as a form of public transference.

    That's not to say I don't enjoy getting comments/emails from people and I do regularly look at my subscriber counts and page hits... I must admit that knowing people read it means I am more motivated to keep writing.

    However I've also gained a new motivation for writing - it is actually getting me out there doing things that I vaguely wanted to do, but never dedicated time to doing. I've started a horde side alt with some serious intention of leveling it, have been taking part in the holiday events, and will be going back to my old RP realm to do some roleplaying!

    So let me encourage you to keep writing - I have been enjoying your writing (perhaps because I'm a slightly boring, middle aged parent gamer too - I think that might be the first time I've stopped to realise I am now middle aged) and glad that you brought your blog to my attention!

  2. No apologies are needed. You did open me up to a lot of good resources as well as a small frustration. I just needed to get back to my roots, and remind myself why I write and what I write about.

    There is a lot of interesting and useful stuff on blogazeroth.com that I enjoy and have begun using. It isn't a bad site, in fact I would suggest it to others, I just needed to get over my own insecurities.

    Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.

  3. Good you figured it out Write for You Chris the other stuff will work itself out :D I think you've got a lot of worthwhile things to say and I like your style keep up the good words :D